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About Waypals

Waypals™ is the most advanced and comprehensive Connected Vehicle Service. It is fully hosted and completely managed by Waypals™ with high service level guarantees for availability and scalability.

Waypals™ focuses on building a backend and on-field infrastructure to provides various services to our customers.

Waypals™ makes Connected Services accessible for consumer and it is as easy as plugging a device in a vehicle, and logging into a Web Portal/Mobile App to start using it. It provides various features around Car Data Analytics, Social Networking (Find/Follow Friend) and Location Intelligent Services including e-Call, b-Call and i-Call Services.

Waypals™ keeps consumer/vehicle data safe and secure, with strict authorization and access control.

Waypals™ implements wide range of features and functions for both consumer and commercial vehicle owners, including advanced real-time predictive data analytics, integration with vehicle sensors and back-office software services.