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Secure Park – Voice Alerts

In "Secure Park" mode, you get an alert (SMS, Push Notification, Email) when your vehicle is started or towed away. Messages/Email might not work very well at night, as you may ignore the SMS/Notifications on the phone.

We have been working hard to make your vehicles more secure.

Waypals, now provides Voice alerts on your phone. So next time your vehicle detects any intrusion, it will send you Voice alerts which continues to alarm, till you stop it.

Driving Score

Driving Score is an engaging way to improve your driving behavior. Increasingly, people are using these technologies to improve their driving habits.

The key things that you can do to improve your driving score are: • Always drive within the speed limit • Accelerate and brake smoothly and not aggressively • Avoid idling • Take corners and bends at safe speeds

Waypals “Connected Vehicle System” calculates your driving score, which helps you to improve your driving and makes you drives more safe and economical.

Harsh Cornering

Harsh Cornering is when a driver enters a corner at a high speed and its greater than that required to make the turn safely. This can result in a dangerous situation like vehicle going out of control or roll-over of the vehicle.

Some drivers are able to make brake linings and tires last much longer than others. These drivers use less fuel, and vehicle maintenance costs are lower on vehicles they drive.

Waypals helps all your drivers attain these admirable driving skills.

Vehicle Idling

Vehicles exhaust is one of the main contributor towards air pollution. And, did you know an idling engine can produce up to twice as many exhaust emissions as an engine in motion. As a driver, most of the time we are not even aware of how we are contributing/adding to these pollution levels.

Waypals helps you here and gives you insight on how much of idling do you do in your driving and thus helps you improve your driving behaviour.

So, a simple turn of your key can keep the air cleaner and save your money and fuel….:) Happy Driving…!!!


Waypals allows you earmark your preferred/favourite locations and create reference point in physical space.

Waypoints can be just a stop on one of your road trips or any landmark that you recently visited. While you are at that location, you can use Waypals Mobile App to create a Waypoint and even click pictures at that location to make it more memorable.

Waypals allows you to share your travel trails with your friends and they can see all the waypoints and your pictures on the route. Waypals has integration with Facebook and allows you to post these routes and waypoints on Facebook.

Share Location/Follow Me

Waypals allows you to share your location or your vehicles location with your family and friends. This helps them to navigate and reach where you are or where you want them to be.

Waypals takes driver distraction seriously, so we don’t appreciate you calling your friends and checking on their location while they are on their way to meet you.

So, when your friends are on their way to meet you, they can allow you to see their real-time location. This allows you to check their real-time location at any point of time in the trip.


Waypals is the most advanced and comprehensive Connected Vehicle System. Our services are not limited to car users, but we provide solutions for all vehicle types.

All features of Waypals that are available for car users, are also available for Motor-Cycles and Scooters riders.

Waypals is the only proven Connected Vehicle System available for Motor-Cycles and Scooters in India.

Panic Buttons

In case of any emergency situations where a threat to persons or vehicle exists, you can send alert to your emergency contacts and request for assistance.

Waypals also provides option of physical "Panic Buttons" on your vehicle to send alerts in an emergency situation.

Service Due Dates

Regular preventive maintenance is probably the single thing you can do as a vehicle owner to keep your ride happy and save money on repairs in the future. A regular service schedule can help keep your vehicle running it’s best.

To help you, Waypals keeps track of regular maintenance and vehicle servicing for your vehicle.

Waypals intelligent data analytics engine, keeps track of mileage (Total KMS driven) of your car since last service. As soon as you clock the mileage for your next service, Waypals gives you an alert that your car needs a service.

Multiple Vehicle Overview

Waypals provides you with a dashboard to view your vehicles details, location and set preferences.

You can have dedicated dashboard for every car in your family, or you can attach all your vehicle to one account and have single dashboard to manage all your family cars.

Waypals gives you flexibility of managing your account based on your preferences and needs.

Alerts and Notifications

Did you just pay fine because you forgot to renew your Pollution Check, or missed insurance renewal due date for your vehicle…?

Waypals sends you Alerts for renewal of various vehicle related documents and insurance policy much before their expire.

So going forward, don’t fret, we will remind you as renewal dates approach.

Battery Health Monitoring

One morning, when you are ready to leave for your office, your car won’t start. You may miss your important meeting or an appointment.

Almost 95% of the time the reason of this failure is weak battery.

Waypals saves you from this unwanted/unexpected hassle as it continuously monitors your battery health.

Our "Connected Vehicle System" monitors your vehicle battery continuously and sends you an alert, when it finds that your vehicle battery is getting weak.

So now, you get an alert to change your battery before it actually dies and saves you from all the hassles that you would otherwise go through.

Secure Park

Cars are expensive.

Apart from house, very few purchases we make will compare to buying a new car. So just like any other expensive asset, a car brings with it a secondary cost -- "Risk of Theft”.

So, it's a good idea to add some security to your car.

Waypals values your investment and understands your attachment for your car. So to make your vehicle more secure, Waypals comes with “Secure Park” Feature.

When you switch “ON" Secure Park, you get an alert (SMS, Push Notification, Email) on your phone every time your car is started. You will also get an alert if someone tries to Tow Away your car.


Wanna flaunt your last road trip or review your vehicle's past movements...??

Waypals allows you to see your vehicles movement in past and actually replays it for you on map. We allow you to share your drives with your friends.

Imagine you just came back from a road trip on the hills and now when back, you can relive your happy moments by seeing your actual drive through the hills.

Enjoy Driving…!!!


Worried about safety and well-being of your loved ones while they are on the road…??

Waypals allows you to earmark certain locations (Home, School, Office) on the map and set alerts depending on whether the vehicle enters or leaves that area. Your driver picks up and drops your kids to school, you can setup geofences to get alert when your vehicle reaches/leaves school.

Waypals also allows you to do Route-Fencing. You can define the route that you car should take, and if your driver deviates from predefined route by even 5 Mtrs, the alert will be sent to you.

Incident Reporting

In your hour of need, Waypals is just a call away. Incase of vehicle theft or any other mishap, you can connect with Waypals Team through Mobile App or Web App. Waypals provide you with a convenience of reporting an incidence through your mobile phone or Waypals web portal.

Setting Speed Limit

Waypals allows you to set speed limit for your vehicle. If your driver/kids drive vehicle beyond specified speed limit, you will receive speed violation alerts for the same.

Information Calling

When you are out on the road, Waypals helps you find anything or discover value in the places you go with our Information Calling Service.

Social Connect

Waypals CONNECT is a social networking platform for you and your friends (Waypals Users). It allows you to interact with your friends through messages (Feeds), sharing Waypoints and your Travel Trails.

Crash Alert

Your safety is our top-most priority.

Waypals allows you to add your emergency contact numbers on our portal, who can be reached incase of any emergency. If any major accidents happens, Waypals device sends "Crash Alert" to all your emergency contacts informing them about your accident.

Crash Alert will not be sent if the Waypals device is damaged or device is disconnected from the OBD port or there is no network connectivity.

Waypals Non OBD Device

Waypals provides Connected Vehicle Systems for vehicles that don’t come with OBD port (Old Cars, Bikes or Commercial Vehicles). These devices need to be hard-wired to the vehicle.

This product provides "Remote Vehicle Immobilisation" and is an ultimate security device for your vehicle. If stolen or if you need additional security for your vehicle, you can immobilise your vehicle using Waypals mobile app. Your vehicle will not start till you switch it "ON" from your mobile app.

Waypals OBD Device

Waypals OBD device is a Connected Car device, which plugs into OBD II port of a car. Almost every car today comes with an OBD port. OBD device connects your car to Waypals platform and enables host of Connected-Car services provided by Waypals. It’s a simple Plug-N-Play device and doesn’t need any expert fitment.

Document Case/Wallet

Documents Case allows you to digitally store your vehicle related documents on the Waypals portal and they can be accessed/downloaded anywhere through Waypals Portal and Mobile App.

Live Map View

Live Map View allows you to see location of your vehicle and monitor its movement. It also helps you to set alerts based on your vehicle’s geographic location.

Emergency Calling

If in emergency situation, you can reach out to your emergency contacts on a click of button. Waypals also send your location information to your emergency contacts.